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Medicare ACO

2024 Medicare ACO Participation Readiness and Provider Recruitment 

  • Webinar Recording

  • PDF Slide Deck

Admin ACO Package

Admin ACO Package

  • How Admin ACO helps your ACO:  We provide:

    • Digital recruitment of providers.

    • Dedicated website for recruitment.

    • Recruitment webinars targeted to your geographic region or nationwide

    • A sample Provider Participation Agreement updated to your specific circumstances

    • A solution to distribute the Provider Participation Agreements and SNF Agreements to prospective Provider TINs and SNFs via email

    • A solution for electronic provider registration and execution of Provider Participation Agreement using a Digital Signature

    • A sample distribution of shared savings template

    • An option to apply to receive patient-level claims data prior to ACO approval for analytics

    • A solution to extract ACO Participation List and 2 PDF pages for upload to Medicare

Provider Participation Agreements

Digital Delivery & Execution
of Provider Participation Agreements

The ACO Administrator enters the name and email of the TIN signatory. and clicks send. 


The TIN signatory confirms their identity by entering a code sent to the email registered by the ACO Administrator. 

Next, the TIN signatory completes the registration form.

Using the information from the completed registration form, the TIN signatory next Digitally Signs the Provider Participation Agreement. 


The ACO Administrator accesses the completed Provider Participation Agreements via their Admin ACO portal.  An excel and PDF export is also available to assist with ACO MS uploads. 

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